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I was very much drawn to the Myokinesthetic System. My neuropathy condition has improved significantly.I have experienced less nerve pain in the 3 months I was seen. I definitely noticed a difference in my daily activities such as walking and exercise. Everyone is professional and experts at their work. Most of all they’re friendly and so caring! For this reason I am returning in 2 months!

Luz M.


I had my left hip replaced on May 20th, 2019. I was having extreme pain walking for many years and Dr. Lucas said it was time for surgery. My son Michael told me that Andre, a long time family friend, was a physical therapist working for All Active Physical Therapy. Coming out of surgery, I was unable to walk, lay down or even get back up from bed. I was using a walker and having extreme difficulty getting around. That’s when my adventure with All Active began. From day one, Andre and the staff put me through my paces. They were strengthening my leg and muscles with multiple exercises. I started coming to PT three times a week for about six weeks and then switched to twice a week for the remainder of my time. My muscles are getting stronger everyday. I’ve been walking now without a cane for the past three weeks, and I might add… pain free! That’s right, no pain! My experience has been wonderful. The staff is dedicated to making the patient feel they are number one and at home. My needs were always met and I was their only concern. The staff is very talented and caring. The patient’s needs always come first, very professional. I would recommend anyone needing physical therapy to give All Active a call, you won’t be sorry. They will take care of your every need. You will have a wonderful experience as I did!

Marvin  J.


I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the great care I received over the past weeks. You are all very compassionate and professional and show great passion in your work. I will return if ever needed and will refer patients to you with stellar reviews. Bless all of you angels for the work you do. Thank You.


I sure feel better than I did three months ago! I am not limping and the pain level is now minimal. Much thanks to you for all you have done to get me where I am now.

Anne A.

My right shoulder pain is gone!!! Thanks to Angie and her elite staff.


I was a volunteer at All Active Physical Therapy and I love this office. All the staff are like a family and care about giving their patients great one to one care to make sure they get better. For my own experience, I came in with a soar arm and limited movement on my right arm from kayaking for 3 hours and it was bothering me so i told Angie. She had me do a series of exercises on my good arm to help me with my bad arm and by the end of the mini treatment i had full range of motion on the other arm. I didnt understand how it worked but she explained that the muscles are like a rubber band; if you pull on one side of a rubber band, the other side is going to be pulled as well. Although my arm was still slightly soar, i didnt have as much pain and i had a full range of motion again. It is quite a impressive thing the experience and see.

Lizbeth A.

The therapists helped me with my hip pain reducing it so I can walk and move better.

Robert H.

I have been coming for two weeks for my left shoulder Pain and having great results. Andre the physical therapist Assistance has been doing a great job working with me. Highly recommend them.

Sabitree D.

I am an 80-year young male. An MRI indicated I had cervical spinal stenosis, a pressing of the nerves in the neck. I started PT in NH and was not going to vacation in Florida due to the pain in the neck, shoulder, and arm, but decided to suffer in the warmer weather. I did a google earth search for a physical therapy location near the place I was staying at and came across All Action Physical Therapy. I booked an appointment. It was totally different from NH PT. What is the Myokinesthetic system?
It was a message followed by a lot of hands and arm movements that I thought were ridiculous. After the 2nd visit, my pain turned to just discomfort followed by times that I actually forgot that I had a problem.
I was able to swim, shoot pool, and walk. I really did not expect to be able to do anything but lay in the sun and suffer.
Thank you, Angie, Victoria, Fernanda, and Andre

Tom T.

My balance wasn’t bad, but I sometimes felt a little wobbly and had broken a collar bone, so thought I’d take a course of physical therapy with Angie’s group just in case it might help. After several weeks of twice-a-week workouts, I’m surprised at myself saying it is making a real difference! I believe I’m much less likely to take another spill and that’s just what I was after. Professional physical therapists, they know what they’re doing, are dead serious, and it’s almost fun. (-:

Jean S.

I recommend this amazing group of physical therapists to anyone in need of rehabilitation. I personally had to receive treatment from them on a few occasions and they’ve helped me with my condition. Currently, I am taking my mom for treatment, and they have done wonders for her recovery.
Mariaelena A.


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