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At All Active Physical Therapy our goal is to provide treatment and teach clients to relieve pain / improve dysfunction fast, stay active, mobile, and remain independent thru no-drug, no side-effect, natural healing using ML 830 Cold laser- light energy stimulating cells for fast healing of injured area, Neuro Point stimulation-needleless acupuncture to quickly reduce inflammation, Specialized Manual Therapy technique called Myokinesthetic System -to effectively remove obstruction on nerve pathway by stretching specific tight muscles & strengthening weak muscles along specific affected nerve for long-term relief/quick outcome, also Total Motion Release technique-treating your unaffected side to facilitate healing of affected side., and above all,is providing one-on-one teaching on proper therapeutic exercises & preventing problem to get worse.

Our Specialties

Our physical therapists specialize in Myokinesthetic System & Total Motion Release. We focus not just on treating pain, but on determining its root cause and preventing it from coming back.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

As experts in Myokinesthetic technique and Total Motion Release technique, our Rehab specialists serve as your first line of care when you experience pain, discomfort or injury to find the root cause of your pain/dysfunction helping you get back to your everyday Life quicker.

Pre & Post Surgery Therapy

Get stronger, heal faster and get back to life (and through rehabilitation) more quickly and with our physical therapy team at your side. With our personalized programs, our team will lay out a comprehensive roadmap for your success. It’s time to take control of your life!

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Real Patient Testimonials

I was only concerned with balance because of my age and had no idea that after a few weeks, two sessions a week, there would be a noticeable difference. I am stronger and steadier on my feet. Definitely worth the investment in time!
Jean S.
I sustained an injury to my (R) shoulder which caused a tear of my rotator cuff. I had many limitations in my daily activities such as drying and curling my hair, chopping food and stirring a pot, brushing teeth and applying deodorant to name a few which was very frustrating to me as I am very active and this really cramped my style. I came down to Florida for a few months as a snowbird and was ever so fortunate to find All Active Physical Therapy , where I found a most friendly, professional and competent staff with a true passion for their work, which shines through I have come along way in the past 6 weeks and with their instruction I will continue to improve in the weeks to come. Also, they do a lot of community education to help people understand what they can do to stay in the best condition possible as we age 5 stars from me.
Virgina L.
Angie and team are amazing! I have experienced lower back pain for years and hurt my shoulder. At the start of my first visit I could not raise my arm; By the end of that visit, I was 50% better. With exercises I was given I am 100% after just a few visits !! Now with back exercise that is also improving. I wish I had found Angie years ago!! I have now referred many!!
Jill T.

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